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The Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary, located in Guruvayur, a town in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India, is a unique and majestic refuge for elephants. Spread across several acres of lush greenery, this sanctuary is renowned for its large population of temple elephants, making it a cherished destination for wildlife enthusiasts and those seeking a close encounter with these gentle giants. In this article, we will explore the history, significance, and the incredible world of elephants at the Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary.

Historical Significance

The Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary has a history intertwined with the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple:

  1. Donated Elephants: Over the centuries, the Guruvayur Temple has received numerous elephants as offerings from devotees. These elephants were housed in the Punnathur Kotta, which literally means “Elephant Fort.”
  2. Elephant Camp: Punnathur Kotta served as a camp where the temple elephants were taken care of and trained for temple processions and rituals.

Elephant Sanctuary

  1. Abode of Elephants: Today, Punnathur Kotta is home to more than 60 elephants, making it one of the largest elephant sanctuaries in India.
  2. Feeding and Care: Visitors can witness the daily routines of these magnificent creatures, including their feeding and bathing rituals. The sanctuary offers a glimpse into the caring and nurturing environment provided to the elephants.
  3. Mahouts: The elephants are looked after by skilled mahouts (elephant caretakers) who have a deep understanding of these animals’ needs and behaviors.

Visiting Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary

  • Location: The sanctuary is situated in Guruvayur, which is well-connected by road and rail, and is approximately 30 kilometers from Thrissur town in Kerala.
  • Entry Fee: There is a nominal entry fee for visitors, and guided tours are often available.
  • Guidelines: Visitors are expected to follow guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of the elephants. Approaching the elephants cautiously and respecting their space is essential.

Conservation and Preservation

Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary plays a crucial role in the conservation and welfare of elephants:

  1. Protection: The sanctuary provides a safe and protected environment for temple elephants, ensuring their well-being and health.
  2. Awareness: It also raises awareness about the importance of elephant conservation and the need to treat these majestic creatures with care and respect.


The Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary is not just a sanctuary but a living testament to the reverence and devotion that elephants hold in Kerala’s culture and spirituality. A visit to this sanctuary is a unique opportunity to connect with these gentle giants, learn about their lives, and appreciate the role they play in Kerala’s religious and cultural traditions. It’s a place where visitors can witness the harmony between humans and elephants, fostering a deeper understanding of these magnificent animals.