Temples of Kottayam-Tourist Places to Visit

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Kottayam, a picturesque district in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its rich religious and cultural heritage. The district is home to several temples, each with its own unique history, architecture, and significance. In this article, we will explore some of the prominent temples in Kottayam.

  1. Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple:
    • Location: Ettumanoor, Kottayam
    • Significance: This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is renowned for its stunning architecture and the Ezhara Ponnana (seven-and-a-half elephants) procession held during the annual festival.
    • Architecture: The temple’s gopuram (tower) is a classic example of Kerala temple architecture, and its murals depicting scenes from the Hindu epics are famous.
  2. Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple:
    • Location: Thirunakkara, Kottayam
    • Significance: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is known for its grand annual festival called “Thirunakkara Arattu.” The festival features colorful processions, traditional music, and dance performances.
    • Architecture: The temple’s architecture is a blend of Kerala and Dravidian styles, with a towering gopuram at the entrance.
  3. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple:
    • Location: Vaikom, Kottayam
    • Significance: Often referred to as “Kashi of the South,” this temple is one of the oldest Shiva temples in Kerala. It played a significant role in the Temple Entry Proclamation of 1936, which allowed entry to all Hindus, regardless of caste.
    • Architecture: The temple’s main deity is Lord Shiva, and its architecture reflects the traditional Kerala style with wooden carvings.
  4. Thiruverpu Temple:
    • Location: Kottayam
    • Significance: This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is renowned for the annual “Piravom Perunnal” festival, which includes processions, cultural programs, and special rituals.
    • Architecture: The temple’s architecture is influenced by traditional Kerala style, and its sanctum sanctorum houses the deity of Lord Krishna.
  5. Puthuppally Church (St. George Orthodox Church):
    • Location: Puthuppally, Kottayam
    • Significance: This historic church is dedicated to St. George and is one of the oldest Christian churches in India. It is known for the annual “Puthuppally Perunnal,” which attracts pilgrims from far and wide.
    • Architecture: The church’s architecture is a blend of traditional Christian and Kerala styles, featuring intricate woodwork and murals.
  6. Cheriyapally (Small Church):
    • Location: Kottayam
    • Significance: The Cheriyapally, officially known as St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, is one of the oldest Christian churches in India and is famous for its annual “Cheriyapally Perunnal” festival.
    • Architecture: The church’s architecture is reminiscent of traditional Kerala Christian churches, with a distinct charm.
  7. Kaduthuruthy Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple:
    • Location: Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam
    • Significance: This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is known for its annual “Kaduthuruthy Thalappoli” festival, featuring a grand procession of beautifully decorated elephants.
    • Architecture: The temple showcases traditional Kerala architecture, and its sanctum sanctorum houses the idol of Lord Shiva.

These temples and churches in Kottayam are not only places of worship but also reflect the deep cultural and historical roots of the region. Visitors can explore their architectural beauty, witness vibrant festivals, and experience the spiritual ambiance that pervades these sacred sites.