The Oachira Parabrahma Temple: Tourist Places to Visit

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The Ochira Parabrahma Temple, located in the tranquil village of Ochira in the Kollam district of Kerala, India, is a distinctive and spiritually significant Hindu temple known for its unconventional worship practices and serene ambiance. This temple is dedicated to the formless divine, often referred to as Parabrahma. In this article, we will explore the history, rituals, and cultural significance of the Ochira Parabrahma Temple.

Historical Background

The Ochira Parabrahma Temple has a history that spans over a thousand years and is closely associated with the unique religious traditions of the region. It is believed to have been established during the reign of the Chera dynasty, an ancient South Indian dynasty that ruled the Kerala region.

Key Features and Significance

  1. Formless Worship: What distinguishes the Ochira Parabrahma Temple from most Hindu temples is its formless worship. Unlike traditional temples with idols or deities, this temple has no idol or specific deity. Devotees come here to worship the universal and formless divine, often referred to as Parabrahma.
  2. Natural Elements: The temple complex is an open-air space, and it comprises a large square-shaped area covered with smooth, flat granite stones. This layout is symbolic of the temple’s connection to nature and the universe. During the monsoon season, the temple grounds are often submerged in water, adding to its uniqueness.
  3. Worship Practices: Devotees visit the temple to meditate and offer prayers, seeking blessings and spiritual solace. Rituals at the temple involve pouring water and lighting lamps. The temple is famous for the custom of “Ochira Kali,” a ceremonial fight that takes place during the annual Ochira Parabrahma festival.
  4. Annual Festival: The Ochira Parabrahma Temple hosts an annual festival called the “Ochira Parabrahma Mahotsavam,” which usually takes place in June. The festival includes colorful processions, cultural events, and the unique “Kali fight,” a spirited tradition that captivates visitors.
  5. Unity in Diversity: The temple is known for promoting religious harmony and inclusivity. It welcomes people of all castes and religions, exemplifying the spirit of unity in diversity that Kerala is known for.

Visiting Tips

  1. Visitors are encouraged to maintain the serene and meditative atmosphere of the temple. It is advisable to keep noise to a minimum and show respect for the unique worship practices.
  2. Since the temple premises may be submerged in water during the monsoon season, it is a good idea to check the weather conditions before planning a visit.
  3. While the temple does not have strict dress codes, it is respectful to dress modestly when visiting religious sites in India.

How to Reach

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, situated approximately 89 kilometers (55 miles) from Ochira.
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kayamkulam Junction, which is about 14 kilometers (9 miles) away.
  • By Road: Ochira is well-connected by road, and visitors can reach the village by taxi or private transport from nearby towns.


The Ochira Parabrahma Temple stands as a unique and spiritually uplifting place of worship in Kerala. Its formless worship, open-air temple complex, and inclusive ethos make it a remarkable destination for those seeking spiritual solace and those interested in exploring the diverse religious traditions of India. A visit to the Ochira Parabrahma Temple is not only a journey into the heart of Kerala’s religious and cultural heritage but also an opportunity to contemplate the formless divine in a serene and harmonious setting.