Tourist attraction in Mathura & Vrindhavan

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Mathura and Vrindavan, two neighboring towns in the state of Uttar Pradesh, hold immense significance in Hinduism as they are closely associated with the life and teachings of Lord Krishna. With their ancient temples, vibrant culture, and spiritual ambiance, Mathura and Vrindavan offer a unique and enriching pilgrimage experience for travelers. Here’s a closer look at what makes Mathura and Vrindavan captivating destinations:


  1. Birthplace of Lord Krishna: Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, making it one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for Hindus.

  2. Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple: Visit the temple located at the alleged birthplace of Lord Krishna, where devotees gather to offer prayers.

  3. Vishram Ghat: Experience the serene beauty of this ghat on the banks of the Yamuna River, where Lord Krishna is said to have rested after defeating the demon Kansa.

  4. Dwarkadhish Temple: Explore this temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in his adult form, known for its intricate architecture and vibrant festivities.

  5. Krishna Janmabhoomi Archaeological Park: Discover the park that showcases ancient artifacts and the excavation site related to Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

  6. Potara Kund: Visit this historic stepwell associated with Lord Krishna’s playful childhood antics.

  7. Mathura Museum: Explore the museum’s impressive collection of sculptures, artifacts, and relics related to the region’s rich history and heritage.

  8. Local Cuisine: Savor local sweets and delicacies, including Mathura’s famous pedas (sweet milk-based dessert).


  1. Radha Raman Temple: Pay homage at this temple dedicated to Lord Krishna as Radha Raman, known for its deity that self-manifested from a shaligram shila.

  2. Banke Bihari Temple: Experience the spiritual energy of this temple, where the deity of Lord Krishna is known for his “Thakurji” form and playful interactions.

  3. Prem Mandir: Marvel at the grandeur of this temple complex depicting scenes from Lord Krishna’s life through intricate carvings and light displays.

  4. ISKCON Vrindavan: Visit the International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple, known for its spiritual teachings, devotional music, and vegetarian cuisine.

  5. Nidhivan: Explore the revered grove where it is believed that Lord Krishna performs his raas leela dance every night.

  6. Seva Kunj: Visit this garden, where it is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha come to play at night.

  7. Rangji Temple: Admire the architecture of this temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which showcases a unique blend of South Indian and Rajput styles.

  8. Cultural Events: Immerse yourself in the festive celebrations of Janmashtami and other Krishna-related festivals.

  9. Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra: Embark on the 84-kos pilgrimage, covering various sacred sites associated with Lord Krishna’s life.

Mathura and Vrindavan’s spiritual and cultural heritage, along with their close connection to Lord Krishna, make them captivating destinations for travelers seeking a deep dive into Hindu mythology and devotion. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient temples, participating in devotional practices, or simply soaking in the spiritual atmosphere, Mathura and Vrindavan promise a unique and transformative journey.