Tourist places to Visit in Kullu

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Kullu, located in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, is a scenic destination known for its lush landscapes, river valleys, and vibrant culture. Nestled along the banks of the Beas River, Kullu offers a blend of natural beauty, adventure activities, and cultural experiences. Here’s a closer look at what makes Kullu a captivating destination


  1. Beas River: The lifeline of Kullu, the Beas River offers opportunities for river rafting, trout fishing, and leisurely walks along its banks.
  2. Raghunath Temple: Dedicated to Lord Raghunath, this ancient temple is a prominent religious site and architectural marvel.
  3. Bijli Mahadev Temple: Perched atop a hill, this temple offers panoramic views and a unique ritual involving lightning strikes.
  4. Great Himalayan National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers, and nature lovers.
  5. Manikaran Sahib: Known for its hot springs and the Sikh shrine of Manikaran Sahib, this place holds religious significance for Sikhs and Hindus.
  6. Kais Monastery: A serene Tibetan monastery offering spiritual vibes and panoramic views of the surrounding valley.
  7. Naggar Castle: A historic castle offering insights into the region’s history, along with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.
  8. Trekking and Adventure: Kullu offers trekking routes like the Sar Pass and Hampta Pass, as well as activities like paragliding and rock climbing.
  9. Shoja: A lesser-explored gem near Kullu, Shoja offers tranquility, dense forests, and stunning landscapes.
  10. Malana: Known for its distinct culture and history, Malana is a unique village offering insights into the local way of life.
  11. Tirthan Valley: Known for its pristine Tirthan River, this valley offers opportunities for fishing, trekking, and camping.
  12. Local Cuisine: Relish Himachali cuisine with dishes like Dham, Chana Madra, and local sweets, along with international options.
  13. Kullu Dussehra: The local Dussehra festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, featuring colorful processions and cultural performances.
  14. Handicrafts and Woolens: Explore local markets to purchase traditional Himachali handicrafts, shawls, and woolen products.
  15. Apple Orchards: Kullu is famous for its apple orchards, and you can visit them to learn about apple cultivation.
  16. Cultural Experiences: Interact with locals to learn about their traditions, lifestyle, and festivals.
  17. Photography Opportunities: Kullu’s stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and adventure activities provide ample photo opportunities.

Kullu’s combination of natural beauty, adventure activities, and cultural experiences make it an inviting destination for travelers seeking a diverse and enriching getaway. Whether you’re interested in exploring religious sites, trekking through pristine valleys, or simply immersing yourself in the local ambiance, Kullu has something special to offer to every type of traveler.