Tourist places to Visit in Talakadu

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Talakadu, also spelled as Talakad, is a historic town located on the banks of the Kaveri River in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is famous for its sand dunes and ancient temples, making it a significant pilgrimage and cultural destination. Talakadu is known for its unique phenomenon of sand covering the temples, and it has an intriguing history associated with curses and legends. Here are some key highlights and attractions of Talakadu:

1. Panchalinga Darshana: Talakadu is renowned for the Panchalinga Darshana, which takes place once every 12 years. During this auspicious event, five ancient Shiva temples are exposed from beneath the sand, allowing devotees to offer their prayers.

2. Vaidyeshwara Temple: The Vaidyeshwara Temple is one of the prominent temples in Talakadu and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the main temple that is uncovered during the Panchalinga Darshana.

3. Maruleshwara Temple: The Maruleshwara Temple is another significant Shiva temple in Talakadu, known for its beautiful architecture and carvings.

4. Arkeshwara Temple: The Arkeshwara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is among the five temples that are part of the Panchalinga Darshana.

5. Kirti Narayana Temple: The Kirti Narayana Temple is a Vaishnavite temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

6. Keerthi Narayana Temple: The Keerthi Narayana Temple is another Vaishnavite temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his reclining form.

7. Pathaleshwara Temple: The Pathaleshwara Temple is a significant Shiva temple in Talakadu.

8. The Kaveri River: The town is located on the banks of the Kaveri River, providing a scenic setting for visitors.

9. Talakadu Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary: The Talakadu Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, located nearby, is a protected area known for its diverse flora and fauna.


Talakadu’s unique blend of mythology, history, and spirituality, along with its scenic beauty, attracts both pilgrims and history enthusiasts. The town’s association with the Panchalinga Darshana and its ancient temples create a sense of wonder and intrigue for visitors, making it a fascinating destination to explore in Karnataka.