Tourist places to visit-Umananda Island

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Umananda Island is a picturesque river island located in the Brahmaputra River within the city of Guwahati, in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. It’s known for its religious significance, natural beauty, and as a popular tourist destination. Here’s what you can explore and experience on Umananda Island:

Umananda Temple: The island is home to the Umananda Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple holds religious importance, especially for Shaivite devotees. It’s believed to be one of the most revered Shiva shrines in the region.

Shiva Statue: As you approach the island, you’ll notice a large statue of Lord Shiva seated in a meditative posture. This statue adds to the spiritual ambiance of the island.

Boat Ride: To reach Umananda Island, visitors usually take a short boat ride across the Brahmaputra River from the Kachari Ghat in Guwahati. The boat ride itself provides beautiful views of the river and the cityscape.

Nature and Scenic Views: Umananda Island is rich in natural beauty, with lush greenery, rocky terrain, and serene surroundings. It offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

Monkeys: The island is known for its population of monkeys, particularly the golden langur species. Visitors often enjoy observing these playful creatures.

Picnicking: The island serves as a popular spot for picnics and leisurely outings. The tranquil environment makes it a pleasant place to relax and enjoy nature.

Photography: The scenic landscapes, the temple, and the river views make Umananda Island a great location for photography.

Local Culture: Interact with the locals who manage the temple and learn about the cultural and religious significance of the island.

Spiritual Retreat: The temple’s serene ambiance and natural surroundings make it a wonderful place for meditation and contemplation.

Ferry Services: Ferry services operate from Kachari Ghat in Guwahati to Umananda Island. The short boat ride adds to the overall experience.

Visiting Tips:

  • The best time to visit is during the cooler months from October to March.
  • The island can get crowded on weekends and holidays, so consider visiting during weekdays for a more peaceful experience.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as the terrain may be uneven in some areas.

Umananda Island offers a unique blend of spirituality, natural beauty, and tranquility within the heart of Guwahati. As always, ensure you’re updated on the current situation and follow travel advisories when planning your visit.