Tourist attraction in Kollengode-Palakkad

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Exploring the Hidden Gems of Kollengode: A Tranquil Village in Palakkad, Kerala


Nestled in the serene lap of Palakkad district in Kerala, India, lies the picturesque village of Kollengode. Kollengode is one of the most beautiful village in India. Tucked away from the bustling tourist circuits, Kollengode offers a unique and authentic experience for travelers seeking tranquility and an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and natural beauty. From ancient temples and historic forts to lush green landscapes and traditional festivals, Kollengode has something special to offer every visitor.

1. A Glimpse into History:
Kollengode boasts a rich historical heritage, evident in its magnificent architecture and ancient relics. The Kollengode Palace, a striking structure reminiscent of Kerala’s architectural brilliance, stands proudly as a testimony to the village’s regal past. The palace, dating back to the medieval era, is a fascinating blend of traditional Kerala and European styles and offers an insight into the lives of the erstwhile Zamorins.

2. Temples of Reverence:
For spiritual seekers, Kollengode provides a plethora of religious experiences. The Kollengode Vishnu Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is one of the prominent religious sites in the region, adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant paintings that narrate mythological tales. Additionally, the Kachamkurissi Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy Temple attracts devotees seeking solace and blessings.

3. Spectacular Scenic Beauty:
Nature enthusiasts are in for a treat in Kollengode. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, the village offers breathtaking views of lush green valleys, rolling hills, and pristine water bodies. The Meenvallam Waterfalls, a hidden gem in the area, cascades down from the heights, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. A trek through the dense forests to reach the falls adds a touch of adventure to the experience.

4. Exploring Agri-Tourism:
Kollengode is also a hub for agri-tourism, where visitors can learn about traditional farming practices and indulge in hands-on experiences such as fruit picking and rubber tapping. The village’s agricultural charm is enhanced by sprawling plantations of rubber, coconut, and other spices, providing an insight into the agrarian lifestyle of the locals.

5. Celebrating Tradition:
Visiting Kollengode during the festive season offers a glimpse into the vibrant cultural heritage of the region. The annual Pooram festival, celebrated at the Kollengode Vishnu Temple, is a grand affair where vibrant processions, traditional music, and stunning fireworks create an electrifying atmosphere. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the unity and jubilation of the locals as they come together to celebrate their cherished traditions.

Kollengode, a serene village tucked away in Palakkad, Kerala, offers an authentic experience steeped in history, spirituality, and natural beauty. With its ancient architecture, revered temples, lush landscapes, and vibrant festivals, Kollengode is a destination that resonates with both tranquility seekers and cultural enthusiasts. As you venture into this hidden gem, be prepared to be enchanted by the warmth of the locals and the splendor of Kerala’s pristine countryside. A visit to Kollengode promises an unforgettable journey filled with treasured memories that will linger long after you bid farewell to this idyllic village.


Kollengode is a picturesque village located in the Palakkad district of the Indian state of Kerala. It is nestled amidst the lush Western Ghats and is known for its scenic landscapes, historical significance, and cultural heritage. Kollengode offers a peaceful and idyllic setting, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a serene escape. Here are some key highlights and attractions of Kollengode:

1. Kollengode Palace: The Kollengode Palace is one of the main attractions of the village. This beautiful palace showcases traditional Kerala architecture and is surrounded by well-maintained gardens.

2. Kollengode Hill: Kollengode Hill is a small hill located near the village, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. It is a great spot for a short hike and enjoying the natural beauty.

3. Kollengode Village: The village itself is charming, with its traditional Kerala-style houses, lush greenery, and friendly locals.

4. Kollengode Puzha: The Kollengode Puzha, a small river, flows through the village, adding to its beauty and providing a tranquil atmosphere.

5. Viswanatha Swamy Temple: The Viswanatha Swamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is an ancient temple with a rich history and cultural significance.

6. Kallekkad Sreekrishna Temple: The Kallekkad Sreekrishna Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is another revered place of worship in the area.

7. Olappamanna Mana: The Olappamanna Mana is a traditional Kerala Brahmin household that offers a glimpse into the region’s cultural heritage and customs.

8. Kalpathy: Kalpathy, a neighboring village, is known for the Kalpathy Sree Viswanatha Swamy Temple, which hosts the famous Kalpathy Ratholsavam (chariot festival) every year.

9. Nelliyampathy: Nelliyampathy, located nearby, is a hill station known for its tea and coffee plantations and offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys.

Kollengode’s tranquil charm, beautiful landscapes, and historical attractions make it an offbeat destination for travelers seeking a serene and authentic Kerala experience. The village’s cultural heritage, traditional architecture, and natural beauty offer a unique and enriching getaway for those looking to explore the hidden gems of Kerala.